CA-Sen: Boxer Looking Safe for Re-election

Research 2000 polled California on their 2010 Senate race and got the following results:

Republican primary
Carly Fiorina 29
Chuck DeVore 17
Undecided 54
General Election
Barbara Boxer (D) 52
Carly Fiorina (R) 31
Barbara Boxer (D) 53
Chuck DeVore (R) 29

Senator Barbara Boxer enjoys 20+ point leads over both potential Republican challengers.  These are exactly the type of numbers that would discourage golden parachute recipient Carly Fiorina from even bothering to make the race – down more than twenty points on the incumbent and not even guaranteed the nomination.

Beyond that, consider the favorable-unfavorable ratings for the three.  Boxer’s at 49-43; Fiorina’s at 22-29; and DeVore’s at 21-27.  It’s not surprising that Senator Boxer’s the only one of the three with a net positive favorability rating in blue state California.  Fiorina’s only known for her golden parachute and her role in the losing McCain campaign.  DeVore is one of the most public faces for the unpopular state legislative Republican caucus.

To really drive the point home, delve deeper into the crosstabs.  Among independents specifically, Senator Boxer leads Fiorina 50-30 and leads DeVore 52-28.

If Fiorina wants to blow through a few million of her golden parachute on a vanity campaign, more power to her.  But numbers like these suggest that Senator Boxer is well on her way to re-election.

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