MN-Sen: Norm Coleman Has Jumped the Shark

(Updated.)In Minnesota, the remaining agenda item to be resolved before a winner can be certified by the Secretary of State is the processing of the improperly rejected ballots cast on Election Day.  Originally estimated to be 1,600, county officials have identified 1,346 improperly rejected ballots.  Democrat Al Franken‘s response has consistently been that all valid votes should be counted, so he has agreed to count every improperly rejected ballot identified by county election officials.  Republican Norm Coleman’s response has been not only different, but so off-the-wall, he has now jumped the shark (emphasis added by me):

According to the Star Tribune, the Coleman campaign has indicated it is in sharp disagreement with county officials on which ballots should be counted.  The counties have identified about 1,350 absentee ballots that were improperly rejected.  This weekend the Franken campaign said it was OK with counting all of them.  Today the Coleman campaign indicated it only wants to count 136 of them and wants to count several hundred more that the counties have not identified as being rejected in error.

Norm Coleman has not only handpicked the 136 ballots out of 1,346 identified that he wants to count, ostensibly wanting to trash the 1,210 other ballots, but he also wants to “count several hundred more that the counties have not identified as being rejected in error!”  Norm, “Have it your way” is the slogan for Burger King, not democracy.  At this point, I would imagine that the Coleman camp’s credibility with the Canvassing Board and local election officials is wearing ridiculously thin.

Want another hilarious sign that Republicans have given up on Norm Coleman’s chances?  An attentive reader points out that the website that the National Republican Senatorial Committee put up to blog on the recount,, has not posted an entry since November 30th, about a month ago!  Surely, there’s been some news in the recount since then.  Maybe the NRSC has just had a hard time spinning in December.  Perhaps the website should change its slogan from “Keeping a watchful eye on Minnesota’s Senate recount” to “Turning a blind eye to Minnesota’s Senate recount.”


Coleman’s proposed additions skew heavily toward suburban and rural counties where he did best in the election.

Yeah, I think the Coleman camp’s credibility with the Canvassing Board is rapidly shrinking to nil.

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