Early Sunday Morning Quick Hits

  • GeorgiaShameless Saxby Chambliss gets subpoenaed in the Imperial Sugar case and his lawyers are cooking up ways for Chambliss to weasel out of the subpoena to testify.  Great respect for the rule of law, Saxby.
  • North Carolina: The News & Observer offers up some top tier names rumored to be considering a challenge to Republican Richard Burr:

    Rumored to be considering the race are Attorney General Roy Cooper and state Treasurer Richard Moore, both Democrats.

    That’s a good start.  I’ll keep an eye out for developments.

  • Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com offers Part I of his 2010 Senate Rankings, starting with seats 35-21, the seats he believes are the safest retentions:

    35) Idaho (R-Crapo)
    34) Alabama (R-Shelby)
    33) Utah (R-Bennett)
    32) Oregon (D-Wyden)
    31) Indiana (D-Bayh)
    30) Vermont (D-Leahy)
    29) New York (D-Schumer)
    28) Maryland (D-Mikulski)
    27) South Dakota (R-Thune)
    26) North Dakota (D-Dorgan)
    25) Washington (D-Murray)
    24) Hawaii (D-Inouye)
    23) South Carolina (R-DeMint)
    22) Wisconsin (D-Feingold)
    21) Oklahoma (R-Coburn)

    Stay tuned for more.

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