End of Week Odds & Ends

    • North Dakota: Republican Gov. John Hoeven continues to mull whether or not to challenge popular Senator Byron Dorgan in 2010.  Hoeven says that he hasn’t set a timeline for a decision; but, in the past, he has called a Labor Day decision deadline reasonable.
    • Iowa: Before Republican Chuck Grassley was a deather, he supported legislation providing funding for counseling for end-of-life care.  Fear-mongering hypocrite.
    • Pennsylvania: As promised yesterday by Political Wire, Research 2000 is out with their latest poll of the 2010 Democratic Senate primary.  The 56-11 May lead for recent Republican Arlen Specter over Congressman Joe Sestak has shriveled to a 48-33 lead.  kos points out how reminiscent this is of the 2006 CT-Sen-Dem Lieberman-Lamont race, but that Congressman Sestak has a much bigger head start than Lamont did, boding very well for Congressman Sestak and very poorly for Specter.  R2K also sees Toomey narrowly losing to either Democrat: Specter 45, Toomey 40; Sestak 42, Toomey 41.Perhaps most telling in the crosstabs are the three politicians’ No Opinion numbers, the percentage of respondents still unsure or unaware of the particular candidate.  Specter’s at a scant 8% – after decades in office, he’s a known quantity.  Toomey’s at 29% – largely known, but still a little room to grow.  Congressman Sestak, however, is at 44% unknown.  He’s polling well and stillhas plenty of room to grow those numbers.  Looking good for Congressman Sestak.In other PA-Sen-Dem news, both Specter and Congressman Sestak spoke to attendees at Netroots Nation, and CQPolitics offers a write-up of their appearances, with video.
    • Florida: 2010 Senate candidate & Gov. Charlie Crist is being assailed for being painfully slow in getting Florida’s share of federal economic stimulus dollars committed to actual projects in waiting.  Likely 2010 Democratic Senate nominee & Congressman Kendrick Meek is not wasting any time criticizing Crist for being asleep at the switch.  Maybe Crist has just been taking even more vacation days.
    • Connecticut: Here’s some news that’s as crazy as a professional wrestling match.  World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon (wife of Vince McMahon, the longtime public face of the company) is “seriously considering” running in the 2010 Republican Senate primary.  Not only does McMahon bring business experience to the GOP primary, but she also has public service experience, as CLP’s Heath points out:

      McMahon was appointed to the Connecticut State Board of Education by Gov. Jodi Rell earlier this year, which raised some eyebrows.  But as a successful female CEO of a billion dollar company, McMahon could run as a business professional at a time when government seems to be neither businesslike nor professional.

      The Republican primary already includes former Rep. Rob Simmons, State Senator Sam Caligiuri, former Ambassador Tom Foley, and economist & Ron Paulist Peter Schiff.  All four are at least reasonably well-funded.  (Further, Senator Dodd’s 2004 opponent, businessman Jack Orchulli, is considering another bid.)  McMahon entering the mix would provide the primary with its only female candidate and with someone who could probably largely self-fund a campaign.  A five- or six-way primary with each candidate bringing credibility and adequate funds to the race would indeed be a political Battle Royale (and would invite a great deal more references to professional wrestling).  And Senator Christopher Dodd can sit back and watch the barbs fly.

    • New Hampshire: Remember when Sarah Palin talked about “palling around with terrorists”?  Well, Palin-esque quitter Kelly Ayotte is apparently palling around with “terrorist fist jabbers.”
    • Louisiana: Vietnam veteran William Robert Lang has announced that he will challenge Hookerlover David Vitter in the 2010 Senate race. (HT: Kingfish)  Lang self-describes as a “conservative independent” – it’s unclear if Lang is running as a Republican or an independent/third Party candidate.  Lang differentiates himself from Vitter by saying that he “will not embarrass the citizens of Louisiana.”  This will be a fun little distraction for the Hookerlover.
    • Arkansas: It’s official: I no longer care whether or not Blanche Lincoln wins re-election.  I’d support just about any Democratic primary challenger who’d take her on.
    • I’ve always been a fan of Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), understanding that he’s a more conservative Democrat.  But this just aggrivates me to no end.  Procedurally, TPM is right that Senator Conrad can oppose a public option when it’s at a final vote, but still vote to end a filibuster, as a procedural half-step, to prevent obstruction.  That would be fine and dandy.  But if Senator Conrad upholds a filibuster, man, I’ll be really disappointed in him.  UPDATE: A spokesman for Senator Conrad denies the report, citing a miscommunication.
    • New York: Congressman Anthony Weiner is the latest endorsement for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, bringing her endorsement count among New York’s Democratic House delegation to 13 of 26:

Rep. Michael Arcuri
Rep. Yvette Clark
Rep. Eliot Engel
Rep. John Hall
Rep. Brian Higgins
Rep. Maurice Hinchley
Rep. Nita Lowey
Rep. Mike McMahon
Rep. Gregory Meeks
Rep. Scott Murphy
Rep. Edolphus Towns
Rep. Nydia Velazquez
Rep. Anthony Weiner   Not Yet:
Rep. Gary Ackerman
Rep. Tim Bishop
Rep. Joseph Crowley
Rep. Steve Israel
Rep. Dan Maffei
Rep. Eric Massa
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Rep. Jerrold Nadler
Rep. Charles Rangel
Rep. José Serrano
Rep. Louise Slaughter
Rep. Paul Tonko

for just word of mouth every dem i talk to is voting for sestak. of course i live in his cd but when i visit my parents they live the next town over i cross another district and they live in a third. i also have a bone to pick the President the dccc the dnc the dscc or for that matter other progressives should not ask me to give money to elect if the scum of the senate kill the public option i am lookin at senators baucus, lincoln, nelson of nebraska, pryor if thes scum do this the gop deserves to win the house senate and coward in chief that is letting happen should just wither on the vine until 2012

by: suburbanliberal @ Sat Aug 15, 2009 at 10:50:46 AM CDT

I don’t think for a second the public option is going down

remember, both the House and the Senate HELP Committee passed plans with public options.  The only thing we’re waiting for is the Baucus plan which will be complete and total crap.  It will be in the conference committee where things really get ironed out, and I doubt Pelosi will let any Democrat sit on that committee who won’t commit to making sure a public option is in the bill.  We’re going to win this one.

Check out Blue Arkansas:


by: ARDem @ Sat Aug 15, 2009 at 16:47:32 PM CDT

Let me correct myself before someone else does.

The HELP Comm has passed a bill, the House WILL do so.

Check out Blue Arkansas:


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