Big Labor Day Weekend Catch-Up

  • As Hurricane Gustav heads toward the Gulf Coast, make sure your donations head toward the Red Cross and other disaster relief and emergency response charities.
  • Alaska: As America gets to know far-right-wing Republican extremist Gov. Sarah Palin, they should be aware of how close she is with indicted Ted Stevens and the corrupt VECO Corporation.  And you can be sure that McCain-Palin is concerned about Palin’s ties over many years to the indicted Stevens and corrupt ol’ VECO because Palin has scrubbed from her website the video of Ted Stevens’ endorsement.  In related news, in the unlikely event that Ted Stevens is convicted in his federal trial but still manages to win re-election in November, he can still face expulsion from the Senate by his current, not-indicted colleagues.
  • Maine: Based on her multiple votes against raising the minimum wage any amount, one might think that Republican Susan Collins would be perfectly happy doing away with the minimum wage altogether.  Meanwhile, VoteVets has released a new ad criticizing Republican Susan Collins’ endless support for George W. Bush’s endless Iraq War:And how does Republican Susan Collins’ campaign respond to the factually accurate and very powerful ad?  With smarmy lies and political attacks against Maine’s Iraq War veterans, of course.
  • Kentucky: OK, this is pretty grotesque.  New documents obtained by the Kentucky print media evidence that Mitch McConnell has backed the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry in pressuring the USDA to lay off of oversight of the Horse Protection Act so that horse trainers can deliberately inflict cruel physical treatment upon the horses so that they simply step higher.  In other words, Mitch McConnell is trying to get the U.S. Government to tacitly permit industry-wide cruelty to animals.  Oh, and, I’m sure coincidentally, “the industry gave McConnell tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations and hired his Senate chief of staff, Niels Holch, as its Washington lobbyist and attorney.”  Mitch McConnell is a sick degenerate who will prostitute his political influence for a few bucks.  He does not deserve another six-year term as a U.S. Senator.  A six-year term he does deserve is one spent behind bars rather than C-SPAN cameras.
  • North Carolina: Public Policy Polling has released a series of analyses illustrating North Carolina’s blue trend.  Among overall North Carolinians, native NCers narrowly favor Elizabeth Dole over Kay Hagan 42-39, while non-native NCers significantly favor Hagan over Dole 47-35, a 15-point swing for Hagan.  Among North Carolina Democrats, native NC-Dems prefer Hagan to Dole by a 60-21 margin, while Democrats not native to NC favor Hagan over Dole by a 80-9 margin, a 32-point swing in Hagan’s favor.  And, among North Carolina independents, native NC independents prefer Dole to Hagan by a 7-point margin, 37-30, while non-native NC independents prefer Hagan to Dole by a 19-point margin, 45-26, a 26-point swing in Hagan’s favor.  Clearly, one of North Carolina’s biggest imports is Democratic voters.  In other news, The Charlotte Observer finds that, while Kay Hagan still has to work hard to raise her name ID, less than 50% of North Carolinians had a favorable opinion of Elizabeth Dole, less than 50% said that Dole would do a better job than Hagan, and, most notably, less than 50% said that Dole “paid close attention to N.C. issues during her first term.”  In Dole’s defense, it may be difficult to keep track of North Carolinians’ concerns from all the way north in Elizabeth Dole’s cushy primary residence in The Watergate in Washington D.C.
  • Oregon: While Democratic Speaker Jeff Merkley has, in no uncertain terms, opposed the placement of a liquified natural gas facility in Oregon, Republican Gordon Smith hems and haws and avoids any display of leadership, saying Oregonians should sit and wait quietly for a decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Way to take a stand, Gordo!  Meanwhile, as Democratic Speaker Merkley gives clear and concise positions on Iraq and other international issues, this is how Republican Gordon Smith’s position(s) on Iraq is/are described:

    Smith has been more circumspect on the Iraq question after passionately breaking with the Bush administration over the war’s direction in late 2006, though Democrats point out that he has continued to vote for war funding.Though he has said that the U.S. should pull its troops from Iraq, Smith has said that the troop increases backed by the Bush administration did calm the situation in Iraq, a point echoed by plenty of others, including some Democrats.

    This is a polite way to say that Republican Gordon Smith has taken every position possible at all times and has continued to offer rhetoric and take votes in direct contradiction to each other.  Speaking of Republican Gordon Smith’s support for George W. Bush’s Iraq War, a new DSCC ad highlights the breadth of Smith’s support for the Iraq War:

  • Virginia: Unpopular Republican former Gov. Jim Gilmore has a prolific record of ducking debates.
  • Kansas: 2008 Democratic Senate nominee and former Congressman Jim Slattery and his wife Linda have put up a new website, I Believe in, discussing their faith, family, and background.  While the Slatterys believe in Kansas, Republican Pat Roberts believes in covering up for George W. Bush.

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