Thursday Evening Quick Hits

  • Pennsylvania: We can probably count Congressman Joe Sestak out.  However, we might be able to count Congressman Patrick Murphy in as one of his top advisers says that Congressman Murphy is strongly considering the bid.
  • New York: High profile women’s organizations are coalescing around Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as their pick to succeed Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate.
  • Louisiana: Republican prostitute-aficionado David Vitter is definitely running for re-election to the Senate in 2010.  Especially if Family Research Council President Tony Perkins challenges Vitter to a primary, Vitter’s past solicitation of prostitutes over the course of years will clearly be an issue in this race.  Vitter talked a lot about family values; but, if he truly valued his family over his political position, he’d retire rather than prolong public discussion of his hooker-laden history.
  • Florida: Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is now “seriously considering” a 2010 Senate bid and a decision may come in January.  Meanwhile, GOP Gov. Charlie Crist thinks GOP former Gov. Jeb Bush would be “great” for the Senate.
  • Hawaii: Should Senator Daniel Inouye be taken off the Retirement Watch?  So intimates these passages from a Roll Call story on Ed Case’s gubernatorial aspirations:

    In the e-mail, Case said he supported Sen. Daniel Inouye’s (D-Hawaii) re-election in 2010, but made a caveat for a possible gubernatorial or Congressional bid, if there is an opening. …Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle (R) is term limited out of office in 2010, so there will be an open-seat gubernatorial contest. The Aloha State Republican is often mentioned as a possible challenger to Inouye in 2010.

    Should we just assume that the 84-year-old Inouye, who first entered Congress during the Eisenhower administration as the state of Hawaii’s first Congressman, will run for re-election?  I guess so, until a formal announcement comes.

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2010 US Senate Elections

Assuming Norm Coleman(R-MN) wins the recount. Democrats will have 58 Seats. Republcans will have 42 seats.

Republicans need to pick up 9 seat to get a majority in the US Senate.

1)AR- (Lincoln-D)- if Huckabee runs- which is highly unlikely.
2)CA-(Boxer-D)- CA GOP is in shamble.
3)CO-Salazar-D)- if Bill Owens runs- which is highly unlikely.
4)HI-(Inouye-D)- THE NRSC will target this race if Inouye retires.
5)IL-(Jackson-D)- IL GOP is in shamble.
7)ND-(Dorgan-D)- if Hoevan or Schaffer run which is highly unlikely.
8)WA-(Murray-D)- WA GOP is in shamble.
9)WI-(Feingold-D)- WI GOP is in shamble.

Vulnerable GOP seats
1)AZ-if OPEN= Giffords-D
2)FL(OPEN-Martinez-R)- Sink-D or Klein-D
3)IA- if OPEN- Vilsack-D or Loesback-D or Braley-D
4)KY(Bunning-R)- Chandler-D or Mongiordo-D
5)LA(Vitter-R)- Landrieu-D or Cazayoux-D
6)MO(Bond-R)- Carnahan siblings-D
7)NC(Burr-R)- Miller-D or Easley-D
8)OH(Voinovich-R)-Fisher-D or Ryan-D
9)PA(Specter-R)- Schwartz-D or Murphy-D

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